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42nd community Tags reward you just for being a viewer! The longer you watch, the more Tags you earn. See your total by checking the Tags site. You can redeem Tags for entries in our monthly hardware giveaways provided by our sponsors including CORSAIR peripherals, Elgato gear, and Intel products, as well as game keys and occasional surprise items! NO giveaways are sub only and subs do not have a greater chance of winning. All giveaways are globally available unless otherwise stated.

How to Earn Tags

  1. 1 Tag per 10 minutes of stream viewing (Sacriel currently streams 280+ hours a month, meaning you could earn 1680 Tags or more, just by watching!) on browser, mobile, Xbox or PS4 app, but you must ensure you are logged in, connected to Twitch chat and not in fullscreen mode. Pro tip: F11 works if you want fullscreen safely without losing connection to chat and Tags earning!
  2. Night Owl: 2 Tags per hour for lurking in the channel during offline hours
  3. Early bird: double earning bonus for the first 60 minutes of every stream (so 12 Tags for that hour)
  4. EVERYONE earns double Tags on Banner days, once the banner day has triggered until the end of that stream!

How to Enter Giveaways

On the Tags site, click “Connect with Twitch” which connects your Twitch account to our Tags system, then select whichever giveaway you wish to enter and click “Redeem”. All Tag redemptions are final.

Game key giveaways: We may require you to be present in Twitch chat at the time of rolling game key giveaways in order to ensure you’re available for a whisper of your game key.

Hardware and any other physical giveaways: All hardware giveaways are rolled at the end of the month - you do not need to be in chat, we will email you to collect your address for shipping.

All Tag redemptions are final.

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